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What are Number Bonds? Why are they important?

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Maths, Number Bonds

If your child has started to Nursery or Reception, you might have come across the term Number Bonds. After reading this blog, you will know what are Numbers Bonds? And how to user these to solve addition and subtraction problems and improve mental math.


What are Number Bonds?


Number Bonds show how numbers join and how they break down into parts. They are a visual representation of part-part-whole. You can represent Number Bonds by 3 circles connected with lines. First circle contains the whole, while the parts are in adjoining circles. 

These translate to addition and subtraction facts as shown in the picture below. Let’s take an example where 10 is whole and parts are 6 and 4. The numbers in each part add up to whole i.e. 6 + 4 = 10 and 4 + 6 = 10.   They also represent the Subtraction facts where Whole minus one part gives you the other part. i.e. 10 – 6 = 4 and 10 – 4 = 6.

Why are Number Bonds important?


Number bonds help children memorize addition and subtract facts. As a result, children can do many calculations mentally(faster – without using fingers) and develop a greater tendency to do well in math which improves their self-confidence. In addition, they help students solve addition and subtraction word problems.

In most schools in the UK, children start learning Number Bonds in Reception, starting with 1-5. As they become more confident they continue from 6-10. It is important to continue learning number bonds up to 20, as often many students even though confident on addition and subtraction facts to 10, don’t continue further from 11 to 20. As a result, they do mistakes on carry over and take longer in addition and subtraction. If the children are confident on addition and subtraction facts from 11-20, they do complex addition and subtraction calculations quickly and accurately. 

We have designed our Number bonds course based on adaptive learning, which automatically adjusts to flow of the course based on how children perform. So, e.g. if a children is already fluent on a topic, then he/she can just take the test and doesn’t have to go through all the practice lessons/quizzes and worksheets. For topics which are new to child, he/she can take the practice quizzes unlimited number of times. For each attempt the children collect stars, which motivates and engage children. After completing each quiz, children can see motivational messages as they keep moving to the next Levels. At each milestone, they earn badges on a successful pass on a Test. Passing score is 95%.

We also understand that children don’t just practice online, they also need to practice offline on paper. We provide practice sheets as part of quiz materials. With printable sheets, Children develop good writing skills, and practice away from screen as well.


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